Jr NTR gets competion in TDP ?

There are no two words in saying that in Andhra Pradesh, fans for big heroes are formed not due to their acting prowess but mostly due to their caste and family background. And by far, the Nandamuri family has been tagged as the hot favorites for the Kamma community and many fans are formed purely out of that criterion.
However, it is now heard that Junior NTR who enjoyed a strong following over the past few years is now seeing a recession. Sources say when feeling came that Jr NTR is trying to prove his supremacy and is damaging the Telugu Desam Party, the hardcore Nandamuri fans have not been taking it sweetly.
So, it is heard that they are now shifting their base towards another lad. He is none other than Nara Rohit, son of Chandrababu Naidu’s brother. The last few months has revealed that fans have been shifting their loyalty to Rohit and are supporting him. Recently, Rohit’s birthday celebration looked more like a TDP party event than anything else. Wonder what NTR will do to make amends.