Jr NTR has Bright Future with Hit Lineup of Movies

Well, Dammu opened well at the box office, but it is performing well below the expectations. It is likely to face problems from sixth day as the initial hype is gone now. Even though Dammu can hold its ground for another week or so, then it will have to make way for the next biggie Gabbar Singh. Buyers of Dammu will have to recover their investment in the meantime and it seems highly impossible with this talk.
However, NTR fans or the star himself need not worry too much about Dammu’s under par show. Why because the actor’s lineup of films look bright and promising. Srinu Vailta’s Badshah is NTR’s immediate release after Dammu. We all know that Vaitla is a director with special skills. He always blends the hero’s image with his style of entertainment and delivers minimum guarantee films. As pet the buzz, Badshah story has shaped up really well.
After Badshah, NTR has a film each with Puri Jagan and Trivikram. Both the directors are known for making films according to the strengths of the actors. Although Puri made a flop called Andhrawala with NTR, he is looking forward to settle the scores with a big hit. Trivikram on the other hand explores the funny side of actors and highlights their comedy angle in a brilliant fashion. Also these directors have a good following among the family audiences and class sections too. That will come in handy for NTR to expand his range as a star.