Jr NTR Has Right To Crack Jokes On Brahmins

When Ram Gopal Varma is in town it is a field day for the TV news channels. They invite him for an interview and make the most of it. Something like that happened latest and the topic of Ramu’s tweets on Brahmins was brought up. In this process, few Brahmin representatives were also made to join the discussion.

From his end, Ramu reportedly mentioned that he just asked some questions innocently and not to insult anyone. He added that he should actually file a case against Brahmins. He quoted the way NTR Junior made a mockery of sorts in the film ‘Adhurs’ and added that he didn’t show that discrimination.

As such, it is not just NTR many others did comedy on Brahmins but no Pujari spoke. But in RGV’s case they spoke. Now that he mentioned about NTR, few are giving their view on it. They say NTR has the right to crack jokes since he is half-Brahmin. His mother Shalini is a Brahmin. That way, any person has the right to ridicule his own caste but should not insult other castes.