Jr NTR hugs Samantha with his wife Green Signal?

Once marriage happens, many husbands change their priorities according to the taste of their wives. This applies for star-heroes too. But it is heard that our hero has changed his wife to go ahead with his ‘work’.Junior NTR and Lakshmi Pranathi, another new couple on Tollywood block are looking perfect for each other.

People say that after marriage NTR changed a lot and has never been late to home and early to sets. During marriage and reception time Jr.NTR avoided hugs and at least shaking hands with heroines and female guests to not hurt his wife. This careful and loving husband now looked somewhat easy going in terms of women.

At ‘Eega’ audio function, Junior has hugged Samantha with their torsos locked for seconds. It is so rare to see him interacting with heroines in such a romantic way. They say that NTR has made his wife Lakshmi Pranathi understood the world of cinema.‘Hugs, pecks and shaking legs are part of profession but not intentional’, he might have told her.Observers say that, she might have given green signal and hence there is no stopping for our young ammunition.