Jr NTR puts Trisha in trouble

Senior actress Trisha is currently doing Dammu movie with NTR, for which she has been on a strict diet to look young and compatible opposite the young star. Trisha has slimmed down a lot as she has been working out rigorously besides doing power yoga and all. This has taken a heavy toll on her and her health was badly affected due to it.

Trisha has collapsed on the sets recently after consuming lots of energy to match the speed and grace of NTR in a mass song. Doctors advised her to take good rest as she is not a perfect condition to carry on with the shoot. Hence, the actress has taken one week’s leave from work and is right now resting at home.
Trisha says that she is getting back to normal and will be fit and fine within no time. She promises to come up with energetic dance moves in Dammu songs. As every other actress Trisha too is awe of Tarak’s dancing abilities. She says that his energy and power are unmatchable.