Jr NTR’s Diet Plan Leaked By PR Team!

Already gulte.com has broken the news long back that London based fitness trainer Lloyd Stevens is hired by talented hero Jr NTR to carve out a new physique for his upcoming film. With Trivikram planning to showcase him in a new dimension, NTR wants to do his bit by carving new chiselled body.

Generally, celebrities make sure that their diet and fitness plans are not revealed to anyone. Until unless the trainer himself speaks about it, generally it doesn’t sound authentic if someone else talks about the diet plans. However today, we’re seeing various social media pages publishing a big diet plan of Jr NTR. What is his breakfast, what snacks he consumes, his lunch and dinner items are revealed in that. Also, news about his workout regimen is also being published by many. So, how does that come out?

Some media folks are commenting that the PR team of Jr NTR actually wanted them to publish something about the workout regimen and diet plan for the actor. When the discussions are going on, suddenly the PR team leaked the whole thing to some social media folks. But those folks published the text without waiting for an official go from the PR team.

But frankly speaking, what sort of publicity an actor will get if his diet plan and fitness regimen are leaked? First NTR has to rip off his shirt and showcase those six packs like a Ranveer Singh or Rana Daggubati, and after that creates a buzz, talking about these diet and workout plans will make sense. Isn’t it?