Jr. Power Star challenges Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh is all set to release on May 9 as per the producer’s statement. Right now there is no change in this date. When Gabbar Singh is getting ready to hit the screens on 9th, Ram’s Endukante Premanta release has been advanced by twenty days. That means it will release on May 11th as per latest development.
Endukante Premanta was supposed to release on May 31st, but suddenly it came forward to have a direct clash with Gabbar Singh. Ram is known as Junior Power star among film buffs as he imitates Pawan Kalyan unconditionally. What is he going to prove by pitting his film against the big man?
Ram says that Endukante Premanta will not be clashing with any other films. He added that it has been advanced only to avoid clashes with other releases during May. In that case, Pawan Kalyan fans are in for disappointment. Why because Gabbar Singh’s release might be pushed to last week of May and hence Ram’s movie chose a safer zone for release!