Julayi is scared of Eega ?

Whenever a film of director Rajamouli is arriving the rest of the movies tend to make way and wait patiently for the craze to come down. Given his brand value, even one week after the film releases, the other movies don’t dare to mess with Rajamouli ventures. And here is an example for that.
It is heard that the film ‘Julayi’ starring Allu Arjun and directed by Trivikram Srinivas was due to hit the screens on July 13th. However, the latest update is that it has been postponed for a week or two. Sources reveal the reason for that is the overwhelming response to ‘Eega’.
From the market talk, it looks like ‘Eega’ would be heading for a blockbuster and if that happens then the film is sure to create ripples at the box office for three weeks. In this process, ‘Julayi’ is reportedly paying the price. Already, the film has been in the anvil since long let us see how much more longer it takes.