Kajal, Could You Stop Doing It?


Venting out fumes on cosmetic giants who test their products first on animals before selling them in markets, sexy siren Kajal Agarwal called for the ban of such companies and products in India. Adding more, she demanded Union Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan to protect the animals. After signing to become a supporter of PETA India, Kajal made these claims.

First of all we should appreciate these heroines for their upright views to support and protect animals. But a coin has two sides anyway. From the moment Kajal came up with those statements seeking ban on animal-tested products, some fans have turned the gun-barrel towards her. ‘If you could stop using those cosmetics in your movies first, then your advise makes more sense’, an enthusiast commented. Being heroines, we know how much pancakes and creams these hot girls use to beautify their natural look.

Could really these celebrities who try to advise governments on ban of certain cosmetics and participate in skin-cancer awareness programs understand what they are talking about? Aren’t they the ones who should first avoid cosmetic products?