Kajal Gives Importance Only To Money

While earning lakhs of rupees in South circuits, this seductress is known for praising Bollywood. After her first Hindi flick ‘Singham’ got released, Kajal did all those raunchy things to root her presence in Hindi arena. But, a twist in her decision now!
Earlier Kajal faced the ire of many producers and directors down south for commenting that Bollywood is her top priority. Off late, the sexy girl is rejecting offers from Hindi circuit giving preference to South films. Though she is said to have realized the importance of South industry, the original talk is something different. Provided with the likes of Kareena, Katrina and Anushka Sharma, Kajal is no where a match for them in terms of both acting and glamour.
Interestingly, remuneration offered to this big-eyed beauty by Hindi production houses is very less when compared to what she is ‘sucking’ from South producers. ‘Kajal tried to become an overnight hottie in Hindi circuit with her topless shots. More than a couple of controversies, nothing had fallen in her kitty’, say Cine lovers. A quick glance at all these facts reveal Kajal’s like for money, money and money, which is more from South than North!