Is Kalyan Ram going the ‘class’ way?

Ever since he made his debut with Lakshmi Kalyanam in 2007, hero Kalyan Ram has been mostly seen in mass, action hero avatars and had his share of hits and misses. The Nandamuri hero will next be seen in an out-and-out mass role in his upcoming release, MLA.

But it looks like Kalyan Ram is looking for a change of image. He now seems to be in a mood to experiment with his roles and is taking a slight shift from the usual mass roles and inching closer to the class ones.

The first in the list is his summer release, Naa Nuvve, co-starring Tamannaah. In the film, Kalyan Ram is given a complete makeover with a cleanly shaven beard, spectacles and trendy wear in ad filmmaker Jayendra’s direction, while renowned cinematographer PC Sreeram showcased Kalyan Ram in a never seen before class avatar.

And now, the news is out that Kalyan Ram will be teaming up with young filmmaker Virinchi Varma, who had made two class love stories – Uyyala Jampala and Majnu, in the past. There won’t be any surprise in saying that Virinchi will showcase Kalyan Ram in a different manner, like he did for Nani. This movie will begin later this year and senior producer Gemini Kiran will produce it.