Kalyan Ram, TDP is Your Party, You Should Be MLA

Known for his outspokenness and controversial comments, actor Posani Krishna Murali has done it again during the pre-release event of Kalyan Ram and Kajal Aggarwal-starrer MLA.

“Many become heroes and earn crores. They earn for themselves. Harikrishna, Kalyan Ram are different from the above. That’s why Kalyan Ram should be successful as a hero,” said Posani. However, Posani didn’t stop there. He continued, “Although this is inappropriate to raise it here, I’d like to express my opinion. I’d like to see Kalyan Ram as MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) rather than seeing him as MLA (Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbayi). If he becomes MLA politically, I’ll be happy. Why I want either you or your family in politics is that TDP is your party. If a person from NTR family (your family) comes into politics, people will benefit.”

These comments have naturally drawn a lot of attention in film, political circuits. Given that TDP is looking for a filmy support after the untimely, uncourteous exit of Pawan Kalyan, Posani’s remarks gained significance. Amidst reports that TDP would likely to rope in Jr NTR, Hari Krishna, the talk about Kalyan Ram and his family’s political entry certainly gets due attention.