Kamal Hasan’s Real Life Divorce scene in Viswaroopam !

For reasons unknown to anyone except him, legendary actor Kamal Hasan has divorced twice in his life. Now Kamal wants to give an answer about this in his upcoming movie.
Recently, Kamal has divorced Sarika, his wife for 20 years and mother of heroine Shruti Hasan. With his upcoming movie ‘Viswaroopam’, Kamal is going to give an answer for these things, says a report. Apparently, story of ‘Viswaroopam’ revolves around the lead lady who wants to find a reason to divorce her flawless husband. Insiders are saying that Kamal want to justify divorces with his two real life wives and hence this story.
While the movie is a controversy for itself with huge budget and Hollywood crew’s involvement, it is getting more attention now due to his divorce concept. One has to see how Kamal will succeed with these psychological plays, who earlier failed a couple of times with movies like ‘Abhay’.