Kancharapalem Turns Out to be Average

Celebrities praised ‘C/o Kancharapalem’ like anything. Some even went on to say that it is ‘world-class cinema’.Actors like Nani and others said they cried during the movie. But in reality there is not a single scene that makes us weep or turn emotional though it is a good movie with many lighter moments and has deep philosophical touch.

However, the celebrities proclaimed that this is the classic that everyone has been waiting for from Tollywood.Except in the first weekend, the film has not made any further buzz at the ticket window. It has become an average grosser.Since it is made with paltry amount of Rs 75 lakhs, the film is considered as hit but its overall revenues are too low.

Off-beat film like “Pellli Choopulu” went on to collect Rs 13 Cr from theatrical run with good reviews.Today people have started saying that if a hero’s friends are praising the movie, don’t watch it.Though ‘Kancharapalem’ is good movie, people were sceptical that since celebrities are complimenting it must be for the sake of Rana not for the merit.