Kareena Kapoor to do item song for Pawan!

It is pretty common for rumors to spread about as soon as news about any movie from a big star starts off; media tries to come up with various methods in which they will want to become the first to give out news about it. In this attempt to give news for public they happen to spread more rumors than give any facts earlier before release of Gabbar singh there were many rumors about the one who will be doing item song for this.
It was rumored that Katrina Kaif will be doing item song in this movie for which she seems to have claimed two crores, while other said that Anushka has been approached for this and she also seems to have agreed for this. Inspite of all these rumors it was the Dabangg item girl who has done it once again for which she seems to have taken one crore rupees which was denied by Producer Ganesh.
Now starting of Cameraman Gangatho Ramababu has boosted rumors once again, it is known that Puri Jagan’s movie has one item song for sure for which it is rumored that Kareena Kapoor has been roped in for item song.