Kathi Mahesh To Contest from Congress?

Kathi Mahesh’s announcement on his entry into active politics and contesting direct elections hasn’t gained any response from major political parties. Neither it garnered any curiosity from public or media.

Now, we hear that Kathi Mahesh is in talks with Congress party and is planning to contest for Chittoor parliament seat. This certainly raises many eyebrows.

At a time when Congress is zero in Andhra Pradesh, Kathi Mahesh contesting on Congress ticket that too for Lok Sabha is surprising many political analysts who have come to know about the move. While many thought that Kathi would get a ticket from YSRCP and Jagan, Kathi’s move to get in touch with the Congress is certainly a surprise element.

However, Kathi is yet to clarify and confirm his decision. He had claimed that he is touch with “all political parties”. This is nothing but sending signals to political parties to come and offer him the ticket.

Let’s wait and see what is in store for critic, Pawan’s detractor and Bigg Boss season 1 participant Kathi Mahesh.