Kaushal Army angry over Geetha

As the second season of Bigg Boss Telugu is nearing to climax, the mood in house is getting heated up between Kaushal and rest of the housemates.

Singer Geetha Madhuri, who’s one of the strong contestants in Bigg Boss house, has invited the wrath of ‘Kaushal army’ after Thursday’s episode was telecasted. It is because Geetha Madhuri nominated Kaushal’s name for eliminations for this entire season. Read on to know more…

Towards the end of ‘Murder Mystery’ task, Roll Rida (Police) & Ganesh (detective) falsely identified Tanish as culprit for the murders in House and declared his name to Bigg Boss. Later, Bigg Boss revealed that it is Geetha Madhuri, but not Tanish, who killed five others in House. As Geetha finished secret task flawlessly and wasn’t caught, Bigg Boss congratulated her also asked to nominate one person who will be in nominations for this whole season.

In no time, the popular singer mentioned that she wants to nominate ‘Kaushal’. And she gave a reasoning to it saying ‘he has got Kaushal Army, let us make use of it.’ Also, while speaking to Kaushal, Geetha told that her pick was all part of the game as he always used to say. For executing the secret task successfully, Geetha Madhuri is not in the nominations for this week.

But, nominating Kaushal for entire season has eventually triggered furious response from his fans- which is widely popular as ‘Kaushal Army’. However, they’re confident that they can save him for rest of this season as the ‘elimination fight’ is no new thing for Kaushal.

It’s clear from last couple of weeks that both Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri weren’t good to each other and involved in some serious altercations earlier. Eventually, all of them could be the reasons for Geetha’s decision.