#Kaushal To Enter Guinness Book Of World Records?

Like we revealed it already, Big Boss Telugu team has opted for a different route this time, by not announcing about the number of votes polled for Grand Finale of the second season of the most successful reality show.

Unofficial sources are indicating that out of the 12 crores votes polled for #BigBoss2 finale week, Kaushal himself walked away with 8 crores votes while other four contestants including Geetha Madhuri, Tanish, Samrat and TV9 Deepthi got only 4 crores votes altogether. Whether this is true or not, here comes the stunner.

Other day Kaushal himself revealed that he got a call from popular “Guinness Book Of World Records” organisers regarding a new record. In the television history across the world, Kaushal is said to have got more votes in a reality show than any other person.

If this becomes true, then surely Kaushal’s name is going to be written with golden words in Telugu television history as well. And his great deed of donating the 50 lakhs prize money for the cause of cancer patients also deserves a pat. Let’s wait for official announcements on Guinness thing!!