Kaushal Wins Bigg Boss Season 2 Title?

Of the top 5 contestants including Kaushal, Geetha Madhuri, Deepthi, Samrat and Tanish, Kaushal has got more votes in the online poll and is likely to be announced as the Bigg Boss season 2 title winner.

Inside buzz is that Kaushal is said to have won the prize money of Rs 50 Lakh. While Kaushal lacked the support from house inmates, he got the immense support from online particularly the social media arm Kaushal army which has even done walkathon and other public campaigns to garner support. All these seem to have worked in favour of Kaushal and made him the title winner.

After the title winner, all eyes are on who is going to be the chief guest for the season 2’s grand finale. Though season 1’s host NTR’s name was heard initially for the chief guest for the grand finale, due to personal loss in NTR’s family and his other commitments have shunned him to grace the show. With this, makers said to have approached Venkatesh and the senior actor given his nod. The final episode said to have come out really well.

After over 111 days, finally, Bigg Boss season 2 has come to an end and the grand finale would be aired on Sunday.