Kavitha, Please Show Accounts – Pawan

‘I need not say apology to my own Telangana people, and even if have to say, it is a personal thing between me and my T-fans. Sister Kavitha or her family has nothing to do with this’, Pawan says, hitting straight on the TRS bosses.

Recalling his meeting with a Praja Sangam leader from Telangana region, Pawan pointed out about the crores of rupees funds collected by Kalvakuntla Kavitha on the name of Telangana Jagruthi. ‘Kavitha sister, I’ll take care of what I should say to my T-people, but you please focus on the accounts of Telangana Jagruthi as you need to show them to people sometime in the near future’, said Pawan. He directly attacked TRS boss’ daughter, who the other day said that Pawan should tender an apology before starting his party.

Also Pawan made fun of TRS bosses that he understood their passion about T-state completely. At the same time he has carefully warned that he will expose each and every deed of the pink-party if they don’t keep their tongues under control.