KCR Be Careful, Modi Targets Telangana


PM Narendra Modi’s juggernaut is bulldozing opponents and rival parties across India is experiencing nightmarish dreams about him.

PM Modi is concentrating on turning BJP into pan India party and is concentrating in south. Already he is showing special interest in Tamil Nadu and also down south in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Though in Andhra the party is in alliance south TDP, BJP is in full swing with Modi aides tempting senior Congress and YSRCP leaders with offers. now it is coming out that his next target is Telangana, the state in which TRS party which is ruling stemmed Modi wave in the last elections riding on the sentiment of people.

In a virtual warning BJP leader Nagam Janardhana Reddy said TRS government is doing unnecessary politics on bannering of Shamshabad airport after NTR. He said NTR is great leader who worked for the welfare of Telangana people and is revered by them.

He said Modi wave is across India and his next target is Telangana and this is clear sign of end of days for CM KCR and his TRS Party. He said it is not right to brand legend NTR to one region.