KCR Behaved Like Duryodhana!

Telangana Congress party has accused Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao of bulldozing several bills in the assembly session with brute majority after getting the opposition party MLAs suspended.

Telangana Congress official spokesman Dr Dasoju Sravan said KCR had conspired in suspending Congress MLAs from the assembly only escape from the democratic debate on the budget and their fudged figures.

Sravan alleged that almost 61 hours of assembly sessions spread in 13 days are only misused to praise KCR, but not democratically debate and discuss on any public issue.

Sravan slammed at KCR it is shameful that eleven most vital bills including those pertaining to Panchayatraj, Private Universities, Assigned Lands and others were introduced without the presence of main opposition.

Sravan, compared it with the assembly of Duryodhana, where dictatorial decisions are being brutally enforced without any dialogue.

Sravan released first People’s Charge Sheet declaring Telangana Government’s budget as “Bogus Budget” and termed KCR as manipulator and deserves punishment in people’s court.

Sravan said with lot more facts and figures, he going to release one charge sheet on budget exposing the misdeeds of government.

Sravan alleged that KCR’s Government made several promises in the manifesto and he failed to implement. But ironically, KCR has forgotten to implement what has been promised in the very abode of democracy, the Legislative Assembly.

Sravan accused that budgetary manipulations have crossed all the limits that even CAG found fault with the state government that it fudging figures and showing loans as revenue spirits just create a hype of better financial health of the state.