KCR behind mess up in KIran Govt?

When TRS chief sometime back announced that he will be getting signals on daily basis from Central Govt on formation of separate telangana, many made fun of him and some media even wrote mocking articles. This infuriated KCR who went hammer and tongs on media calling them names and asking if he don’t get signals whether media fools and loafers would get?.
However after watching recent developments in the State for the past one month or so on various issues, many feel that KCR would have definitely got some signals and that is the reason why he is keeping quiet. There was utter disarray in the state Govt led by Kiran Kumar much to the dismay of common people that many feel some one is behind all this mess. Some doubt KCR is behind all these developments and Congress is using him as a pawn to keep the party divided as its interests are best served in it.
The way ministers are fighting against each other and issuing statements in variance with the state Govt policies, and many issues including gas diversion given telangana color points finger only to one direction. It is a known fact that T MLAs and MPs don’r dare to open and utter a single word and now that they are giving vitriolic statements, one can know that Cong high command is behind all developments and now with Governor going to Delhi and giving controversial statements on Gas allocation along with submission of T-report to home ministry shows that KCR is behind the mess in AP.