KCR changed his strategy with Modi!

The Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who has been against the Modi government by terming the PM as Bodi, Sannasi but now in full praise of PM. During the Assembly session he praised the Modi’s industrial plan. Very recently, during the Assembly session he has praised the PM for his industrial ideas implemented in Gujarat that led to the development of the state and called this industrial idea as the best in the country. 
He added that everyone talks about this policy in Gujarat. However, even KCR was planning a similar kind of better plan to improve the standard in the state and to sanction all kind of permission son time so that production can take a faster pace. 
So, what do you think is the reason KCR is praising Modi? Well, few analysts tell that it is to get the funds from Centre and nothing really true, but few tell that is genuine. But, anything it might be claimed hope that would make the state develop!