KCR Cuts A Sorry Figure!

The reason given by KCR for dissolving the Assembly and going in for early polls is ludicrous.The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief alleged that political fragility created in the State by false and baseless allegations by the opposition against his government was the reason why he decided to go in for early polls.He said that despite his repeated appeals, the opposition failed to prove even a single allegation of corruption.

He defended the decision for early dissolution of the house, saying it was taken for the ‘bright future of Telangana’.“Let people take a call. Why should anybody else? I sacrificed my (full) term for the sake of the people of Telangana, to maintain steady growth of the state and to protect the state from bloody fragility.”When the people of Telangana have given him an absolute majority in the House, what political fragility is he talking about?

It is the duty of the Opposition parties to pull up the government for its decisions and that is part and parcel of democracy.Will anybody dissolve the Assembly because the Opposition is levelling charges against the ruling party? Ok, let’s assume that KCR wins the polls again.Will the Opposition then stop making allegations? No, it is their job to question the government and for the latter to prove them wrong.Will KCR again dissolve the Assembly after 2019 if the Opposition continues with their duty?

He says he has sacrificed his full term as Chief Minister. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he is acting this way on the advice of his astrologer, the reasons being given by KCR are really stupid indeed.He has sacrificed his remaining term for his son KTR’s future and not with any welfare motive in mind and because of his idiocy, the new State which is hardly four years old will now be witnessing rule by the Centre or Governor.Not a good precedent to set at all. Had it not been for the fact that the Oposition lacks a charismatic leader, this move would have been nothing short of political suicide.