KCR eyed on Ranga Reddy district Lands

Telangana Government is running for money to implement welfare schemes in the state. But it seems government wouldn’t get enough revenue for welfare and development activities. Finance Minister Etela said that Telangana Government set a target of collecting 6500 crores by the end of current Fiscal Year through selling the lands in Ranga Reddy and Hyderabad districts. It’s not possible for the Government to collect such huge revenue within four months of the Financial Year. 
Telangana Government has identified and collected the details like occupied lands and lands in litigations from the revenue department. 22K acres of the land are illegally occupied in Ranga Reddy district. In Hyderabad district, around 10K acres of Government land was occupied. Now Government wants to receive the money through regularization. 
Telangana Government has proposed to organize committee on fixing the fees for regularization of the Government lands. There are 1421 applications still in pending for regularization of the Government lands. All these applications are below 300 square yards. Revenue officials expect 1000 crores of revenue to the Government by regularize. Government need to take decision of some Society lands including Ayyappa Society.