KCR family rule in Telangana !

Fight for Telangana seems to be reaching final stage and already all political parties are vying to take credit for the formation of the state. Many times some rapid developments at Delhi led to speculation that something or the other will come out in favor of Telangana, but every time it happens Seemandhra representatives step up the gas and impress upon Govt not to go ahead with T-formation.
For the present however TDP seems to be out of favor in Telangana region and Congress T MPS are once again planning to enact T-drama in Delhi, where they will roar in front of media like lions but turn out cats in front of Sonia. However people are no fools to believe them. Currently BJP is in full swing with its T-Dharna at Delhi and even trying to barge into the residence of PM Manmohan Singh. It is certainly creating ripples when KCR and TRS is maintain stoic silence.
However many feel that ultimately entire credit for T formation will go to KCR no matter whether he speaks or sleeps. But allegations are flowing thick and fast from opposition, that KCR will turn Telangana his jagir. Many allege he is not interested in Telangana region but interested in making Telangana his family property. They say KCR and his family that includes nephew Harish Rao, son KTR and daughter Kavitha will be taught a fitting lesson as people are fed up with his policy of elections, collections, secret meetings, secret pacts.