KCR getting isolated on Telangana Fight ?

Telangana Tiger KCR many feel is getting isolated on all fronts and forums who are fighting for Telangana. The JAC which was formed under his guidance by Prof Kodandaram during its initial stages used to have all political parties, However slowly one after another party came out of the JAC due to the high handedness of KCR. Things reached to such stage that even Kodandaram had issues with him and finally it reached point of no return that both of them now stopped seeing eye to eye with each other.
While KCR is spending time strengthening his party forcing bye elections one after another and bringing all his family members into the party, ignoring the telangana fight, BCP on the other hand started going aggressively on the issue organizing protest marches in Delhi right in the front of PM Manmohan Singh’s house. Many feel had KCR present on that occasion, Govt would have been forced to make some or the other announcement. Even Kodandaram sided with BJP and participated in protest marches.
KCR however maintained silence not even referring to his signals love and even issued statements that his Delhi trip is not for Telangana. His dictator like statements is making others loathe and detest him and now he is on the verge of getting isolated. Even telangana people are seeing through his treacherous designs and have taught him a lesson in bye elections.