KCR Is The Only Dedicated CM

Most of you are devotees of Lord Ganesh so you don’t require an introduction of the power and grace of the Khairatabad Ganesh who appears during the season and stays for nearly ten days before getting immersed in Hussain Sagar lake. But his presence seems to be in contrast with the policy given by Telangana CM KCR. A new request is now going to Rajendra, the chief architect of Khairatabad Ganesh.
Some Telangana intellectuals are reminding that KCR has come forward for the cleaning program of Hussain Sagar. So, the request for Rajendra is to introspect on whether increasing the height of Lord Ganesh each year is really required. They add that KCR is planning to come up with a new lake near Indira Park so that Hussain Sagar can be saved from further pollution. Given that policy, they are stating even Rajendra should spare a thought.
Another word of request and suggestion is also going to the hundreds of Vinayak Utsav committees to think positively instead of developing an atmosphere of competition. The past governments have only given statements that they will ‘clean’ Hussain Sagar but it is only KCR who is actually trying to implement it. Without any hiccups if this goes through then that’s more than sufficient. What say Mr Rajendra?