KCR knows how to rid of rebel leaders!

We have seen bosses of political parties like the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party taking instant action against rebellious and troublesome leaders before they spoil the party structure in their respective constituencies.But Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao seems to be a different politician.He knows which leader is creating troubles to the party not only in his or her constituency but also in the other constituencies. But he prefers to adopt wait and watch approach, rather than taking quick action.

May be KCR is of the view that if such leaders are expelled from the party, they would have enough time to join the rival parties and regain their strength.So, he wants to wait till the elections are announced and then dump them by not giving them party tickets. In the meantime, he would quietly groom alternative leadership in the constituency.

This is the strategy what KCR is adopting in case of Konda couple in Warangal. He knows that the couple – Konda Surekha and husband Konda Murali – have become troublesome not only in Warangal East constituency represented by her, but also in neighbouring Bhupalpalli and Parkal constituencies.

While Surekha wants to continue in Warangal East, she is encouraging her daughter Sushmita in Bhupalpalli constituency, which is represented by Speaker S Madhusudhana Chary. The couple wants to oust Chary from Bhupalpalli and promote their daughter and have been creating all sorts of troubles to him.

KCR has come to know about it, but he does not want to take any action against Konda couple at this stage, because he knows they are powerful leaders. If they are sacked from TRS, they would immediately jump into the Congress which is ready to accept them. Thus, within six months, they would be able to dominate entire Warangal.

So, he is allowing them to behave in a highhanded manner, while encouraging Madhusudhana Chary to do good works in Bhupalpalli, so that he would be in good books of the people.“Just before the elections, KCR will axe the Konda couple by which time, the Congress would have its own candidates in her constituency. Even if Konda couple joins the Congress in the last moment, they will have little time to take on the TRS,” sources said.