KCR not for Telangana

When ever telangana is referred to they invariably remember TRS and its chief KCR. Many might have fought for telangana but everyone will agree in unison that KCR is the main person to get national recognition for Telangana. However recent developments lead to suspicion that KCR himself is not for telangana. Many of his rivals on innumerous occasions alleged that KCR is not interested in the formation of Telananga but is interested in minting money by turning on and off the T-moment. Some others allege that KCR will turn Telananga into family fiefdom and will give the people of the region family rule which they detest.
During one week or so focus of National media is once again turned to Telagana and many political parties , T-MPs from Cong gave representation to PM Manmohan Singh. While meeting CPI, PM said there was no consensus on political parties regarding Telangana and the same was reiterated to T-MPs. Even TDP chief Chandra Babu is presently in Delhi, trying to gauge the mood of political parties on Telangana formation. When so much is happening one would expect KCR to be in thick of action. However he is seen no where, with even his predictions of T-Signals from Center turning false.
When media asked whether any developments can be expected on Telangana during his visit to Delhi, he calmly said that he is out to attend Parliament Session and not to discuss on Telangana. This shows that KCR is not for telangana.