KCR, Revanth & Owaisi Are The Best In Assembly

We might sound a little sarcastic but then the fact of the matter is, most of us who watch the assembly proceedings is not for the issues that are being discussed about the people but the way the politicians keep abusing each other and make a mess of the whole proceedings. Along with that, we also seek some entertainment out of it.
In that aspect, the Telangana assembly has got a group of best orators. The list begins with the Telangana CM KCR who has a very special and distinct style of giving statements which capture your whole attention. The other names belonging to that list is Akbaruddin Owaisi of MIM, Revanth Reddy of TDP. 
These three men have the gift of gab and the way they articulate their words is amazing. It is not only fun to hear them but there is also a pun involved and that gets a topping with some really wise anecdotes. All in all, these three are creating a brand for themselves through their oratory skills while any other politician comes only next to them.