KCR Ridicules TDP Government

Without absolutely any provocation, KCR once again played the Andhra card to bolster his own image among his cadre. “Have we not seen what is happening in AP for the last four years? Except or vain boasting, there’s nothing happening there. They are only good at saying that they are the best but the result is zero.

In contrast to AP, the leaders in Telangana have been working very hard and that’s why we have been getting good results here. I congratulate all our TRS MLCs, MPs and other leaders for their good work. If we reach out to the people, they will keep electing us again and again. In Odisha, Biju Patnaik will get elected for a fifth term.

In Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the governments are completing their third term,” said KCR while welcoming Danam Nagender into his party. Judging by his words, it becomes clear that in 2019 also, ‘anti-Andhra’ is going to be the plank of KCR to win the polls. Since the ‘Telangana sentiment’ is still flickering, it will get him the top seat again till the time it dies down completely and people start questioning him about actual development on the ground.