KCR Says Chandrababu Is Thief, Traitor and Evil

Nizamabad: TRS party supremo and caretaker CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has resumed his election campaign with organising Praja Ashirwada Sabha at Nizamabad.KCR termed his Andhra Pradesh counterpart N. Chandrababu Naidu a “thief, traitor and evil” and challenged TPCC president N. Uttam Kumar Reddy to prove his corruption charges “if he was born to a single father or mother or if he thinks he is a man.”

Addressing a massive public meeting in Nizamabad after nearly a month’s break, Mr Rao said he had restrained himself all these days to maintain the decorum of the CM’s post.He asked people to decide whether they want to become “ghulams” of Andhra and Delhi rulers again by voting for Congress-TD combine or want self rule and self pride given by TRS.Mr Rao said the Congress and the TJS of Prof. M. Kodandaram should feel ashamed for having tie-up with “Andhra party” TD and “Telangana drohi” Chandrababu who had destroyed Telangana during his rule.

“Chandrababu Naidu is a traitor of Telangana and killed hundreds of innocent Telangana youths in encounters,” Mr Rao said.Mr Naidu “created hurdles for power supply in Telangana and took away seven mandals”. While trying to destabilise the Telangana state government, Mr Naidu was caught in the cash for vote case, he said.“Can we allow Andhra rule once again in Telangana by voting for the Congress-TD alliance,” he asked.

Mr Rao also criticised senior Congress leaders S. Jaipal Reddy and K. Jana Reddy for their insincerity towards Telangana.“We achieved 19.83 per cent growth in the last four years with utmost discipline and corruption-free governance. The facts are in front of people and they should give a fitting lesson to the Mahakutami elections and vote for the TRS for a stable government,” he said.

“I dissolved the Assembly to seek fresh mandate of people as opposition parties are constantly trying to create hurdles for development in newly-formed state,” he said.Mr Rao criticised that Congress leaders for “bowing to Chandrababu to get Rs 500 crore and three helicopters” for election campaign.He asked the people whether they would mortgage the pride of Telangana to the “Andhra leaders” once again with the Congress-Telugu Desam combine.

Mr Rao cautioned the people to be vigilant over the Congress-TD alliance and vote for the TRS for a stable government.The Congress and TD leaders were “ghulams” (slaves) to Delhi and Amaravati and were trying to stall the rapid progress in Telangana state, he said.