Why Is KCR Silent On Sri Reddy Row?

At a time when the controversy kicked up by wild allegations being made by aspiring actress Sri Reddy on the alleged casting couch culture in Telugu film industry, dragging big names into the controversy, the Telangana government is just watching the tamasha.

Except filing a nuisance case against Sri Reddy, when she stripped herself in front of the Telugu film chambers seeking justice a couple of weeks ago, the Telangana police have done nothing after that.

Day in and day out, Sri Reddy and the alleged victims of casting couch have been making allegations against actors, producers, managers, directors and sons of big film makers of exploiting them.

And they started blackmailing everybody – sometimes they take names and the next day, they take back their comments.And the controversy even took a political turn, when Sri Reddy and transgender actress Tamanna dragged YSR Congress party and Telugu Desam Party into the murky affair.

It led to the suspicion that the TDP bigwigs are behind Sri Reddy in tarnishing the image of Pawan Kalyan using some pro-TDP television channels and also malign the YSRC.

Yet, the Telangana government remained silent. Interestingly, Telangana IT minister K T Rama Rao has good relations with Telugu film industry, but he did not utter a word so far. And so is cinematography minister Talasani Srinivasa Yadav.

The police have remained tight-lipped over the going on in film industry.May be Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao though if he antagonises Telugu film industry, it might get shifted to Andhra!