KCR to build Vinayak Sagar


If one come across the famous Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad, apart from the conspicuous Buddha statue, the significance of the lake is that it is widely used for immersion of Ganesh idols during Ganesh Nimarjan. Although it’s been an age-old practice it results in lot of water pollution and contamination of Hussain Sagar lake.

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, who vowed to clean up Hussain Sagar lake with over Rs 100 Crore, has decided to stop Ganesh immersion in the lake in coming years. He instead wants to build new lake “Vinayak Sagar” exclusively for the purpose to immerse Ganesh idols in it. Telangana government has decided to build this lake in Indira Park for the convenience.

On other hand, KCR is determined to set up skyscrapers around Hussain Sagar and want to bring a brand new look to Hyderabad. But replacing Hussain Sagar with Vinayak Sagar is definitely a good move.