KCR waiting to deliver knockout punch

KCR the TRS chief and chief architect of telangana moment seems to have decided that enough is enough and is planning to deliver a knockout punch so that his opponents will not have any chance to recover. Till now he has been spending his days issuing statements and disappearing from entire media glare, enjoying at his farm house. When many wondered and tried to find out reason for his stoic silence, he in Aug issued statement that by 20th Aug some statement on Telangana will be out and he was getting signals from Centre. However nothing happened and KCR did not open his mouth.
However now that TDP leader Chandra Babu decided to come with a major statement on 17th of this month to take on TRS and KCR, KCR decided to give fresh deadline to Centre and said if nothing comes out on 17th, he will launch a mass protest soon. TJAC and other NGOs fighting for Telangana are waiting for KCR’s steps. However this time KCR will not find it that easy to launch a protest and make it successful as his differences with T Jac and Kodandaram along with student unions reached point of no return.
TRS however says he will be soon flying to Delhi, meet various opposition leaders and bring Congress down to its knees with a full fledged powerful moment. It has to be seen how successful KCR will be and even he knows that time is running out for him and people cant be taken for a ride all the time in the runup for elections.