KCR’s hitec Plans to empty Tank Bund!

Well, the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao has all set to make Hyderabad for its best look and is presently stressing on the fact of cleaning it. He seems to quote that Tank Bund is pride of Hyderbad and wants to dry out completely first. After doing the drying process, clean water will be filled in the tank is the main idea. 
CM has already given required instructions to the officers to take chance when to dry it up may be in next summer and clean maximum part of the lake. The lake is almost 1200 acres and everyday there will be 50 millions of water that will be gathered in this tank and so firstly this water should be showed another way of flow and may be to the other lakes near by.
However, the officials say that it is impossible to empty the whole lake. But, instead of emptying we can maintain the hygiene of the lake is few experts share their ideas. This is because the emptying process is hectic and also sometimes may turn to be disaster if the water flow is no guided properly! So, what do you think? Will this be possible?