KCR’s ‘Sannasulu’ Comment on His Own Govt Officials

Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhara Rao is known for not mincing words and speaking his mind. More often than not, his alleged unfiltered comments have given an opportunity for his detractors to point fingers at him.

KCR’s comment of calling his own government officials ‘sannasulu’ (inept) in a recent meeting held in Siricilla is being described by political analysts as a ‘hasty and unthoughtful’ act that can damage his reputation. They say that a person of his stature shouldn’t have made such ‘derogatory’ comment in a public meeting.

Going into details, while KCR was recently addressing a massive gathering in Siricilla, his speech was disturbed by a power cut. An irritated KCR then claiming that there was no power cut for even a minute in the entire Telangana state, called the Electricity Board officials of Siricilla, ‘sannasulu’, soon after the power was restored within a few seconds. He also advised people to teach the officials a lesson.

The CM questioned if power cut is a commonality in the district, to which the people replied, ‘No’. KCR then looked a bit embarrassed for the comment made against the officials in haste.