Keeravani’s ‘Lucky’ Music

The advent of MP3 format spelled death knell to audio market which has been ruling the market with out any challenge. Very few film music directors entered the audio market and tasted success. Isaignani Ilayaraja tasted little bit success due to his association with renowned audio making company Echo Recording company.
MM.Keeravani made his foray into the audio market when the entire market was reeling in piracy controversies. The moment one comes with CDs, with in seconds piracy CDs used to appear affecting the sales of the companies. Though he entered into an understanding with Mayuri marketing and tried his best to taste success in the audio industry releasing audios of 4-5 films he couldn’t reach even break even.
However his luck seems to have changed with the recently tuned music album ‘Shirdi Sai’. There was heavy demand for the film’s albums and it appears that Keeravani hit up on a jackpot. Analysts feel for the first time after more than five years there was heavy demand seen for a telugu film’s audios. Many feel that this is not due to the music, film or songs but due to the belief and devotion of Sai Baba devotees.
Keeravani tasted success at last in the music industry, thanks to the devotion and immense belief of millions of Sai Baba devotees who thronged the music companies for the albums of Shirdi Sai.