Kevvu Keka song stolen from Thaman ?

Prabhas’s Rebel is supposed to go to Bangkok for a song shoot this week. This is a song shoot where Prabhas teases Tamannah. This was expected to be the highlight song of the film starting with the lyrics Kevvu Keka. But the unit had suddenly cancelled the schedule.The reason behind the cancellation is very shocking. The song Kevvu Keka, which was composed by Taman for Rebel, was the same Kevvu Keka song of Gabbar Song. Both songs even start with the same lyrics Kevvu Keka. 70-80% of both the songs are same which can not be a coincidence.
In fact, This song was composed before Thaman walked out of the project. And now it is unclear how it went to DSP’s desk who is the music director for Gabbar Singh