Khaidi: Prudhvi Scene Missed In US Premieres


Few days before Khaid’s release, it was speculated that Prudhvi’s role was deleted from the film due to its run time. Saddened Prudhvi took to online to express his grief and equated it with his mother’s death.

This was picked up by media and it got to the notice of Chiru & Vinayak. After this, Chiru told Vinayak to include Prudhvi too in the movie and it was incorporated by Vinayak. None other than Vinayak himself stated it on record.

But after film’s release one is wondering that Prudhvi’s bit in the film is hardly a minute and it definitely looks like cameo. Prudhvi’s seen as a minister who rejects to help farmers in the movie.

Though this is retained in the film, it’s only seen in the domestic market as audience who watched the film in US, other overseas report that the film doesn’t have Prudhvi. All they say is they could see only Prudhvi in the end credits there.

Looks like, Chiru did it only to wipe out Prudhvi’s tears in the last hour. On other hand, Allu Arjun’s cameo too not there in film leaving his fans disappointed.