#KidariKilling: Media Got The Footage

The killing of Aaraku MLA Kidari Sarveswara Rao has shocked the Telugu states. On Tuesday couple of media channels have managed to get the footage of the entire episode.

Going by the visuals, nearly 10 to 15 Maoists who dressed up like the local villagers have surrounded Kidari’s car and after couple of minutes, the deceased MLA was made to get down of the car. There is also other footage wherein the Maoists are seen escaping post killing the MLA.

Based on the visuals, the police are identifying the Maoists with the help of Kidari’s car driver who is the prime witness of this whole episode. So far three Maoists are identified and photos of them are being shared to the media and other police stations across Vizag.

Meanwhile, a massive manhunt is launched by the police and several teams are deployed to nab the culprits as early as possible.