What Kind Of Justice Mr Kiran?

Finally, Kiran Kumar Reddy has come back to the Congress fold after a hibernation period of four years.Expressing happiness at joining the Congress again with which his family has an association going back decades, KKR said that justice would be possible for the two Telugu States and Andhra Pradesh in particular, only if the Congress comes to power at the Centre.

The realization of AP Re-Organization Act is possible only with Congress, said KKR. What a cruel irony! What a cruel, cruel irony!It was the Congress Party which did grave injustice to the Andhras by dividing the State. Kiran himself resigned from the Party because of this.Four years later, he says that justice will be done to the State by electing the same Party which did injustice to it in the first place. What kind of justice is this Mr Kiran?

Tomorrow, the Congress will carve out a separate Rayalaseema State and the Congress will lose again.

Will Kiran then quit the Party for a second time only to rejoin it later by saying that justice will be possible for Rayalaseema or AP only by electing Congress again?