That Kirrak Heroine Choking Hearts In Public

Only a few heroines have made youths go made with their public appearances. When Samantha appeared with her navel stud and backless treats in film functions, she became the cynosure of all eyes. And all of her public appearances made her win the tag, fashionista.

The latest talk is about this young heroine named Samyukhta Hegde, whose effervescent performance in second half of Kirrak Party won huge attention. This hottie from Bangalore is seen travelling with the team for theatre visits and during one such visit, she brought an early summer.

Apparently the short-length the cropped top she’s wearing gave ample view of her sexy waist whenever she tried to tie her hair into a bun or when she made few dance moves around. And that peek of glamour made youths go gaga for her. Being a dancer who has done many flash mobs, Samyuktha knows how to take crowds by a surprise.

Choking making such hearts in the public, currently, this Kirrak lady is in touch with many directors and might soon land up in a couple of biggies, say film industry insiders. Let’s see what happens.