Kishan Reddy taking KCR’s wind !

TRS chief KCR may feel that he is the chief architect of Telangana movement and no one should dare him nor question his actions. He brands who ever opposes him as traitors of telangana and those who follow him blindly as telagana heroes. This dictatorial attitude was detested not only by all political parties but also by various organizations who are fighting for the cause of telangana. However KCR does what he feels right and turn on and off the fight for telangana according to his convenience. Currently he is maintaining stoic silence and is claiming that he is receiving signals from Congress High Command and Union Govt on telangana formation.
However opposition party BJP which is the only national party to have raised the telangana issue in parliament decided to take the fight for telangana to national capital Delhi. Its leader Kishan Reddy flagged off Telangana Poru Yatra in the presence of all its national leaders. What stung KCR is the presence of Kodandaram, president of TJAC. Kishan in a fiery speech promised to pass the bill in parliament even though TDP, CPM, MIM oppose T formation. He demanded unconditional apology from Sonia Gandhi for delaying formation of Telangana.
Many feel that Kishan Reddy and his party’s huge protests in Del will surely take wind out of KCR and TRS party which is passing time with useless statements.