Kola Made AP People Fools For Second Time!

Talking about numbers and international banks, fooling people with falsified reports and tumbling officials with exaggerated dialogues is not new to this white-collar trickster. He is none other Kola Krishnamohan, who is taking potshots at TDP chief Naidu after 13 years with false accusations.
Way back in 98, Kola had cheated newspapers, national banks and other institutions by claiming that he has won million dollar ‘Euro Lottery’. A decade after his conviction, he is now back on TVs claiming that TDP Chief, Ex-CM Chandrababu has took crores from him through overseas accounts.
Firstly, there are no relatives to Chandrababu in his hometown Naravaripalli with the names mentioned by Kola. Secondly, all those bank accounts in Mauritius and Switzerland which are alleged by Kola as Naidu’s benami accounts have turned fake. The numbers and codes mentioned by Kola are bearing same digits and are not matching to the account numbers of Bank of Mauritius and Indian Ocean International Bank. Some of the banks do not at all exist in 2000 when Kola is said to have deposited money.
Thirdly, Kola’s allegation that Naidu is having more than 15,000 Crore rupees in international banks during 1999 too turned false. Banking experts say that in 99, the total deposits of those said banks are not more than 1000 crores and some banks are not even existent.
TDP sleuths are saying that Kola Krishnamohan is accusing Chandrababu only with the pretext of diverting the scams of a tainted politician in state who is counting bars now. Some say that Kola is successful in fooling AP people for second time with these ‘cheap’ tricks.