Konda Surekhs burts into Tears !

One MLA who is not getting proper attention even for her support to Jagan or for her shouts about separate state is Kondaka Surekha. The Parkal constituency contestant is bursting into tears for her plight.
From a long time, Konda Surekha is not able to give clarity between her support for T-sentiment and Jagan to the voters. Though she resigned to back up YSR-Congress, she tried to give a colour that her resignation is for the sake of Telangana. Both these claims have misfired for her in the constituency, says a base report.
Surekha failed to give tough competition to T-sentiment players like TRS and BJP as her party is not having any clear stand about it. With exit-poll surveys coming in the favour of TRS, the once celebrated MLA of Parkal is heard burst into tears. Surekha should wait for two more days to know the actual fate because surveys too fail sometimes!