Krish Missed Buying Copyrights??


Recently news is everywhere that director Director Krish’s next film with Venkatesh got called off. It was said that there is some copyrights issue with the film and hence the Daggubati scion didn’t want to pursue it. Well, what is it anyway?

What is not known to many is that Krish got inspired from the novel “Athadu Adivini Jayinchadu” written by popular novelist Kesava Reddy in 1984. The novel deals with the story of a man who goes in search of his pregnant pig in a forest. As the whole timeline of the story is just between sunset to sunrise, the protagonist emerges with a new identity. Removing the pig element, Krish took the rest of story and crafted into his own idea with a view of buying rights for the novel anyway.

However, an award-winning documentary filmmaker named Dulam Satyanarayana has acquired the rights to the book much before. He’s planning to go to Cannes Film Festival in coming May and raise funds for the film’s production. Already he has scouted locations in Ontillu forest in Chittoor district and Dandakaranya in Adilabad for the film’s principal shooting.

Earlier when director Trivikram made “A..Aa” basing on Yeddanapudi Sulochana Rani’s “Meena” novel, he got trolled by everyone for not giving credits to the senior writer. Claiming that a technical glitch has missed out Sulochana Rani’s name, Trivikram added her name to title sequence from 3rd day of release. Keeping all these things in mind, hero Venkatesh don’t want to get into unnecessary copyright issues and plagiarism stuff, and hence asked Krish to drop off the project, says a source.

If that’s true, then Krish should have acquired copyrights well in advance.