KTR Uses Vulgar Language Against Revanth Reddy?

At a meeting to review the progress of the Bathukamma sarees ordered for the festival, KTR lost his cool when officials told him that only 30 lakh sarees were available against the target of 60 lakhs.Last time, acing a similar shortage, the TRS government ordered sarees from Surat which turned out to be of inferior quality and many women burnt the sarees in public.

During the meeting, KTR referred to how Revanth Reddy had slammed the government over this issue and used a most vulgar word Picchi Kuntala…. against Revanth Reddy which stunned everyone present in the meeting.There were top IAS officers including lady officers but that did not deter KTR from speaking in an unparliamentary fashion.

This is not the first time that KTR has spoken in such a way. Such kind of language was rampant from him and his father especially during the T-agitation.Educated in the US, he has proved that it makes no difference whatsoever to one’s personality. As they say, the apple does not fall far from the tree.